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"Sarah is a lifesaver! We were told my son did not have any lip ties after he was born, but was always fussy when nursing from one side. Sarah performed a quick check and referred us to a pediatric dentist who diagnosed him with lip, tongue, and cheek ties. Since having his revision, my son is nursing and latching so much better! I’m so thankful for Sarah’s help and quick responses when I have random questions." -- Megan A.
Megan A.
"With my first, I didn’t have the proper resources to educate myself when it came to breastfeeding. I didn’t feel comfortable with the consultants at the hospital and I felt helpless. Thus, my breastfeeding journey was weeks long and I was determined that the next time around I would have better support. With my second, I had the absolute pleasure of using Sarah as my lactation consultant. And let me tell you, the experience was night and day. I felt 100% comfortable expressing my struggles when it came to breastfeeding with Sarah and nothing short of unconditional support came from her. She never made me feel like I was doing something wrong but instead gently encouraged me to try new positions, educated me on what was actually happening with my body and my baby, and was the best listener. She truly heard what I needed and delivered just that. I was able to nurse my second for 10 months and I wholeheartedly owe it to Sarah. She gave me the confidence and knowledge to continue and have a positive nursing experience. I couldn’t recommend Sarah enough. She’s the sweetest soul who is going to be the best support system for you. She is there to encourage, educate, and assist you in your breastfeeding journey and you won’t find someone who does it better!"
Jordan B.
Sarah has been an absolute integral part of my breastfeeding journey with both of my babies. She has helped me navigate everything from oversupply and clogged ducts, to weaning and milk transition. When I was experiencing my first clogged duct, a terrifying feeling, Sarah persistently provided solutions until I felt relief. Even when that meant very late night texts! She even checked on me the next morning as soon as she woke up to see how I was feeling or if there was anything else she could help me with. Sarah's encouragement and compassion gave me the confidence I needed to continue my breastfeeding journey and help me feel a lot more prepared for my next clogged duct. I cannot recommend Sarah enough! Wherever you are in your breastfeeding journey, Sarah will confidently, compassionately and thoroughly help you every step of the way.
Dani T.
I had the most amazing experience during my lactation consultation with Sarah. We did a virtual session first so that she could provide care until our in person session could happen. Both sessions were so calming and stress free and I didn’t feel at all uncomfortable talking to her. She listened to my concerns/questions and answered all of them, even some I didn’t remember to ask, and never made me feel shamed for them. I also loved how gentle she was with my baby, it just reaffirmed that she’s a mom and has been in my shoes before. I will definitely be recommending her to other mamas!
Lindsey S.
Sarah is AMAZING! Her knowledge is superior to most others I have dealt with and being a mom of 4 she was not the 1st lactation consultant for me! Her sweet caring nature and wisdom combine to give a moment of peace in a situation that had me feeling defeated and helpless! If you are struggling to reach your goals and tired of the tears and frustration please reach out to Sarah and let her help! I promise you won’t be disappointed! Nothing makes the journey easier than knowing someone is in your court offering guidance and cheering you on!
Leslie L. 
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